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A day in an artist life

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Trusted vision

To be trusted can be a greater compliment than being loved. This painting symbolises the path you are taking is unknown, you are unsure and in need of guidance. The cows long hair has fallen over his eyes, he can no longer see. The owl spirit animal represents the deep connection that you share with wisdom, good judgment, and knowledge. #bondsarebuiltontrust

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The dream catcher

This is my first cow painting and where the origin of my journey with my herd of paintings commenced. The painting displays a contrast between a soft dream like world, with the comparison of a strong bull standing still, his hair blowing softly in the wind, revealing the soul to his eye. Will his dreams be heard? A storm seems to be brewing, yet is time standing still ? The slow snail with its clockwork wind up key, suggests amusement and control over what is happening. #dreamscancometrue

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